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3BT™ Flavors

3BT™ is not a single shape, it’s a shaping philosophy. Every board in the range is perfected and fine-tuned to fit specific riding characteristics. Each board is shaped with a unique three-dimensional Triple Base Profile so it rides better than other boards in its category.

Jibbing snowboard triple base technology

Optimized for Park riding, the centerbase on Jib 3BT™ is the widest in the range to give you extra stability while jibbing and pressing.

Featured on: Global Warmer, Disaster, Wallie, Blow

Jibbing snowboard triple base technology

These boards are shaped with a wide centerbase area. The uplift angle is low and begins outside the bindings for precision control with less hang-ups. The wide centerbase offers a stable platform to press, load up ollies and put down landings.

Featured on: Boss, Evil Twin, Distortia, She W, Stuntwood, Minishred, Whatever, FunKink

Jibbing snowboard triple base technology

The sidebase and centercase areas are equally proportionate in size with a medium uplift angle on Freestyle 3BT™. With added length in the nose, these boards are remarkably versatile for freestyle and freeride situations.

Featured on: Jam, Stallion, Goliath, PushUp, FeelBetter, Spirit, Chaser

Jibbing snowboard triple base technology

Freeride 3BT has a narrow centerbase and substantial sidebase uplift. The focus here is on edge control and versatility. These shapes have proven to be functional and competent in all conditions. Floating better than other brand’s powder specific boards yet holding an unbelievable edge while carving on slopes.

Featured on: Party Wave, Party Wave+, Carver, Storm, Thunder

Jibbing snowboard triple base technology

Pow 3BT™ features a narrow centerbase and maximum uplift with SideKick™ in the nose. The emphasis in this shape is on floating. The oversized nose assures unrivaled float and stability in rough conditions. When it gets deep there is nothing that beats it. Make no mistake these boards hold there own on hardpack as well.

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