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Donovan Ramsay
My First Bataleon

Just bought my first Bataleon but I got it at the end of the season after watching five of my friends take their riding to the next level. I can't wait to use it and experience 3BT and Sidekick firsthand.

Evil Twin

Definitely one of my favourite boards ever I can highly recommend it...

Stowaway Sleeve
Paul Yoon
Buy now

I’m doing this because I want €250.

Should you buy one like I did? Of course. Fits your car, your rack, keeps dust off during summer. You can throw your board around and not care what happens because you know it’s protected.

And when all the other people look and to they say, “wish my board came with one”. You grin, and tell ‘em Bataleon only m-fers.

Better than the amazon ones. Thick neoprene that doesn’t smell even after having ice melt on it.

Do yourself a favor, get one. It’s that extra flex when you’re getting out of the car.

This board makes me feel like the king of the mountain

This is not a board, it is a beast.
When you ride it the hype goes from 0 to 100 in 0.5 seconds. This board is soft and playful, to be used at the park, but you also want to use it to go and pick up your daughter from school.
Global warming is the world's problem, global wormer is my happiness.

Best looking board out there

This board is tons of fun to ride. Perfect stiffness, shreds the entire mountain. 3BT helps with all the random stuff Im trying to do while up there. Amazing!

Ian Murphy
Wallie - Best Jib board on the market

This board looks sick (I get tons of complements on all my Bataleon boards, but def this one). This is a super flexible board that makes it easy to get into presses and hold those butters. It does better than you would think in terms of jumps, but it is not made for the XL kickers and high speed carving.

I’m terms of boxes and rails this thing is an absolute beast. I love to get creative on tubes, barrels, and boxes and this board has no limits there. It’s so catch free and will allow an intermediate park rider to really progress those technical jibs.

Would 100% recommend if you looking for a flexible park board for any type of day.

Thunder Bolt
Jon Uhlmann
Awesome board

This board is incredible! Not only in the backcountry but also on the slopes. I never had issues with not having enough grip. The possibility the setting back the bindings is excellent. The snowboard is so beautiful that I mount it on the wall of my flat.

Fun.kink rocks

I had longer break in riding snowboard. I wanted to have a board that would be versatile, fun, good on slope, powder and one that I could do some butter tricks. Fun.kink was a great choice. Some of my friends after trying mine got the same board :)

The Carver
Emilian G.
Love the technologies used in this board

I got The Carver board and I'm very content with my acquisition. The board's stiffness is just right and it feels great in high speed. I tried it on the slopes and off piste, it's easy to handle in powder due to it's directional shape, but what I like the most it's the Sidekick technology which I think it's the major innovation in snowboarding in decades. Makes it easy to ride on any terrain and doesn't get stuck in wet snow.

Evil Twin
Vojta Penkava
You gotta try it

My first Bataleon board was Funkink, it was like ten years ago. I got a new Bataleon board this year. Evil twin!

You have to try Bataleon technology to fully understand all the benefits. This board is very stable at high speeds, fast edge to edge change. Im really happy with it, Im sticking with Bataleon for years to come.

At the end of the day ... its not about your gear, its about your skill. But I freakin love Bataleon!! 🤙

Perfect for... whatever

I've had a Whatever for a few years now and found it to such a great board for whatever (see what I did there...) the mountain throws at you. I've ventured into deep powder off piste, and suffered through s*** icy snow on piste, and this board is still a lot of fun. It's got to the point where I have worn it out, but I will be onto my second Whatever for next season

Party Wave +
kris formica

originally bought the party wave+ as a slush slasher but soon found out that this thing rips! groomers, trees and fresh pow up to 6” are this thing’s forte. i also have a 159 surfer, but find myself riding this board 90% of the time. i can’t get off it!!

very soft

cant beat quality for the price. its like a wetsuit for your board!

Addison Strum

I’m in love with this snowboard! Perfect flex for jibbing, great for jumps, and an overall ripper!

Push Up
I got the last one for my wife!

Love the board

Surfer Ltd
Evan L. Harrington
Favorite board

I have the disaster goliath and the surfer. bought the surfer 154 and it has quickly become my favorite board in the quiver. floats like you wouldn’t believe and also rips on groomers. it was pretty fun on some slush laps in the spring as well. this board will make you not want to ride any other.


11/10, the perfect fit.

Amazing board

I'm 6'4 215lbs with size 14 boot and went with the 157. The super wide waist width allows the board to be a lot shorter and playful with amazing stability and control. This is the most enjoyable board in my collection hands down

Dylan A
Great board

Great board for bigger guys. I'm 6'4 215lbs with size 14 boot. Went with the 167W. Rides well in powder and on groomers with great ability to carve. The 3D shape makes the edge super forgiving, but doesn't compromise stability or control. Love this board and my Party Wave+ LTD.

Matej M.
Fun but Low-Quality Board

After two weeks metal edges went off the brand-new board. Otherwise super funny, easy and feels nice to ride the Disaster 21/22. But the quality is bad - the manufacturer told me that I was putting too much pressure on the board and did not accept the complaint. Made in China (you will not find this anywhere on the official website). I have a girlfriend who rode Bataleon Feelbetter for first season - looks old already - the top detaches from the board. Bataleon boards clearly last for a one season or less, then you have to go to a workshop or buy a new one. Watch out guys from Bataleon! You have a nice concept of 3BT and great designs. Don't spoil your brand and have a funday.

Quality is RAD!

very good quality for $100. woulda prefered waterproofing. but nxt seaaon it is. Love Bataleon!

Party Wave+ Ltd
nick batchelder
Party Wave Plus Ltd

First impressions on the Party Wave Plus (which is a bit lighter and a tad stiffer than the reg party wave)— super f*cking fun board, you can lay trenches for days, seamless edge to edge transitions, perfect pencil thin carves in your sleep, mellow camber, light, agile, buttering is so easy and fun, and this board is fast as hell (tho the base is maybe faster than it’s edges can handle in steep, icy conditions- this AM was brutal).
My daily driver is the 164 W K2 Alchemist (I’m 6’3”, 185lbs), which is STIFF, so I appreciate the slightly stiffer addition to the party wave plus over the regular party wave. That said I still would have bought the 154 if it was available, but the 157 is still super fun. This thing is SO playful… little kickers, side hits, small children- it’ll boost you off anything and everything. Lastly, it’s sooooo wide. I can’t wait for a pow day with it. 100% would recommend adding to your quiver, and don’t be afraid to size way down.

Surfer Ltd
Jack Sullivan
Worth the $$$

Rode the Surfer 154 for about 25 days this season. Rider weight: 145lbs, height: 5'11". Total days this season: 108 (previous daily, Lobster Eiki Pro 151). Rode this board with Union Contact Pro bindings and Burton Moto boots (terrible boot do not buy). Overall, very impressed with this board as the first directional shape I've rode. Standout features are definitely the carbon stringers in the tail, and the huge scooped out nose (it's only a couple cm wider than average, but underfoot, makes a huge difference - it's huge). Tail is nice and firm, contact points go all the way to the very end, holds an edge through almost anything, and lets you get really big, firm, knee grazing carves. Probably my favorite feature - even though its designed for powder, this thing still rips groomers like a bat out of hell. Tail also kicks up a nice plume of snow behind you to let everyone know you're bout that life. Done tail presses easily going 30+mph, locks in perfectly. If you're riding level and have both swallow tips engaged it will pop you up and kick the back knee into your chest with enough speed on your jumps, thing pops like movie theater popcorn. The nose is huge, impossible to sink it even on your deepest days. The 3BT uplift occasionally bites the snow weird and speed checks, but overall nice turn initiation and definitely a defining feature in powder. Plows through spring slush and chunder really easily, too. Definitely flexier than the tail, but is really forgiving for heel side speed checks when coming into steep, variable, mogul terrain, saved my a$$ a couple times. Board actually rides switch really well (assuming you are already a decent switch rider, to learn, I'd recommend a true twin), long tail contact points allow you to switch carve really easily, have gotten compliments from people watching me rip down the chairlift line. If you're riding switch flat on the base, you'll kick up some snow, so keep the weight on your back (front) foot. It'll still go switch, I have cab360s on small kickers with this bad boy, flexy nose lets you pop it up and clear all those contact points in the tail. Board is fun in the park too, been blasting med/large kickers with it and getting on boxes and tubes no problem, bonus style points for not riding a true twin like everyone else. Lastly, only got a few powder days with it, but had a blast, when its deep, this board floats like no other, sprays snow to the next town over, gives your back leg a break and lets you actually ride comfortably in knee/waist deep stuff without gassing out your back quad. Full disclosure, would not recommend this board for tight tree powder, tail and underfoot section are decently firm which will make it hard to turn on a dime if you're about to hit something. If you catch wide open pow stretches, its literally perfect, tail sinks, nose stays up, and you get dream lines etched into your memory for forever. PS: do not buy this board if you're antisocial, I've gotten about 100 "awww man, sweet board dude"s from lifties, another 100 "what's that pointy end for?" from Karens decked out in rental gear, and a few "man I had a board like that back in the 80s" from your local oldheads - if you like to chat, it's definitely a conversation piece. I feel like I could be a sales rep for Bataleon with how many people I've explained this board's features to, get ready to rip out your headphones for strangers on the chair. Overall worth the $$$, save up, get it, you won't regret it.

Thunder Bolt
Caleb O’Bannan
Fantastic board

This board is fast and stable. Love the sleeve it comes in to protect it as well.


I love it