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Chest Vest

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Super comfortable Deep Pile Polar Fleece Vest. Nice to chill in after riding or to wear as a second layer for extra insulation under your shell jacket. Providing targeted wartmth without bunching up with extra fabric on the arms.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Devin Harwood
Is it press-able, precious?

Firstly, thank you to Jascha. I reached out to Bataleon through Instagram and he helped me narrow down what I was looking for. We had quite a few awesome options but ultimately, I ended up going with the Chaser - because it fit what I was looking for and I’ve never had a 3bt board before($).

I took this out for the first time last night and let me say it was just what I thought it would be. I wanted something super soft and buttery and this was it. I was a few drinks in doing bs spins and at one time I should’ve caught a nasty edge, but I didn’t - thank you 3bt! This board is a little wider than any board I’ve had and I really liked that. Being in MN, after the warm weekend we just had, the snow was pretty chundery and hard pack; with such a soft board I was definitely feeling everything underfoot but my riding style is more cruisy so it didn’t affect me too much. Being an intermediate snowboarder who’s been boarding 10+ years, I felt myself having to hold back at times as this board is very easy to overpower, but that was just an enjoyable challenge. Carving was a breeze and felt a more openness than on any non-3bt board. I will absolutely be adding more Bataleon’s to my collection in the future, no regrets.

Now for the negative, Bataleon uses FedEx to ship their supplies; in the future, I will probably only order through Evo as anything I’ve ordered from them is always here in less then a week. It took a month and a week to get this board as it was just sitting in FedEx’s warehouse, waiting to move. I emailed with Matt about this twice and he was super understanding and informative. I completely understand that this extended delay was not the fault of Bataleon but I’d encourage them to use a different shipping service in the future. The only reason I bought directly from Bataleon was the $20 off coupon; had I known how long it would take, I would’ve just ordered through Evo. Just some food for thought for anyone who wants their item(s) quickly. Aside from that, I would recommend this board to anyone. It’s surfey, press-able, forgiving and ridiculously fun. Thank you Bataleon ❤️

Grishnakh trolla
Super board for beginners

Bought it at the middle of the season and I am totally blessed riding with it, works absolutely good in butter and is really good for mountain and kickers

Andre R
Great Boards

Im a beginner snowboarder and the product is amazing for leaning and all day practicing.

Waldemar Zawalski
Greate fun

The first board of my own. The best possible choice.
Until now, boards from other manufacturers at this price level have not been so cool. A whole day of snowboarding is a lot of fun and you want more.

Love the board

First board I’ve bought and I absolutely love it