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Don’t let your kids ride flat

The Minishred is built with the same technology and features as all our adult boards making it one of the most solid kids boards on the market. The forgiving advantages of 3BT™ will help young riders progress faster thanks to catch free edges, while giving them the ability to learn carving at low speeds. You’ll be cruising the whole mountain with your little ones in no time!
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Customer Reviews

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Charlie O

I wanted to get my little one (4-year-old) into snowboarding this season, but didn't even know where to start. Looked around between Burton, Capita and Bataleon. I decided to go with Bataleon since it would match my board, and I've had a solid history with them. Man, did I make the right choice! From powder to hard pack, the minishred and binding setup was perfect for her! She was able to pick it up in no time, and the raised edges made it easy for her to learn how to go on her edges without catching them. Highly recommend for the kiddos!

Luke Allison
Awesome Board

THis board is awesome, my Nephew loves it!!!

This little guy shreds

Got a 115 in this cool little board for my son Who is 6 with a set of flow bindings. Due to the shape of the board he was able to easily stop on his heel edge, switch foot, and learned how to jump! Such a awesome Board for the little ones due to its shape and curved edges. He loves it! Thanks so much,
A happy dad


After being mostly on bunny hill- my son's brand new board's binding on the back came apart!! Unfortunately, company’s customer service is AWFUL- they don't respond for days after emailing them, no one communicates what is needed to get the process completed. Plus there is no one "live" available on their chat to respond. There is no customer service phone to call. After literally 3 weeks, they accused us for not getting the "correct" photos to them when we sent about a dozen photos already- it took about a half dozen emails and now they are saying it's a "manufacturing defect"- they have promised to deliver a new board - "if it's not sold out". Meanwhile, I had to rent a board for my son for our trip....

David Broadstreet
Batalion minishred 105

Picked up this board for my 6yr old to learn on. This board is stable enough for him to cruise down a hill without any issues. He's still learning to turn and this board is perfect for that, its forgiving due to the shape preventing him from catching an edge when he makes a mistake. Also, the graphic on this has him pumped to ride it too. If you've got an aspiring shredder don't hesitate to give this board a shot.

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