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Gimbal God PW+

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You know you have seen his footage while scrolling on your phone, Spencer Whiting AKA "Gimbal God" has arguably rewritten the book how to film snowboarding with his jaw dropping follow cams shots. But being one of the hardest working filmers in the game rarely do you get to see him on the other side of the camera, but when you do you realize how he is able to ride along side the best of them. So after 4 season straight of making the Party Wave+ his board of choice, we decided to give him the opportunity to design his own Limited version. Get yours before it's gone.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Meant for the POW!

I'm 5'7 160lbs and went for the 148 size.

Becomes alive in the powder and rips through it with ease!
Floats above the POW with ease since its super wide.
Carves/turns well in thick Pow
My favorite Powder board!
Euro carves on groomers pretty well!

Not a good freestyle board. No duh right? Its not meant for it.
Forget butters and ollies.. This thing is a beast and plows through POW but is heavier and wider which makes it a beast to pop it.
Slow from edge to edge on groomers due to the wideness.
I'm a surfer so I wanted quicker turns edge to edge but it was very delayed on the groomers.. (NOT IN THE POW) .. kind of felt like I was riding a fun board surfing. It also had a little more chatter than I wanted to feel. I think it can use more stiffness.

Overall- I'm super happy i got this board for the benefits of the POW days. It is my POW board 100% of the time. I was hoping it would be just as fun on the groomer.. which it is fun but slow edge to edge due to the width. I was also hoping I could ride off of jumps comfortably. Although it can be done it doesn't do it welll. I think i'll try the Camel Two to get that happy balance of groomer/Pow directional board that rips POW and groomers.

I'll be riding this board on the 6 inch plus POW days. The deeper the better for this beast.

Coby Bowman
Bataleon makes solid and FUN boards

I have owned a Bataleon Whatever and a Bataleon Party Wave +. These boards are so awesome. I my favorite is definitely the party wave +. I have taken this thing slush slashing and piste conquering; definitely a do-it-all board that can tackle more than you would expect. The party wave+ feels like a tank and plows through chunder, but also feels like a light-weight party board when you want it. Topsheets on my two bataleon boards have been a little iffy- make sure to file down the topsheet on the nose and tail because you can expect flaking and breaking pretty quickly. I will most certainly buy more Bataleon boards in the future!

Dylan Pearse-Theroux
Partywave +, one board quiver

I was in search of a short Volume board . So I went all in with the PW+, thinking I would bust it out after some heavy dumping. After my first few days out on it , I was hooked. With the wide platform I was digging trenches on the groomers, whipping through the trees , and of course floating pow lines. By the end of my second season on PW+ she had well over 100 days shredding (still going strong). Most people comment to me with excitement “sweet board, must be a beast in the pow?!” I reply, “it’s a one board quiver!”

Party Wave +

This board floats in the pow, rips carves like a dream and handles switch riding with ease. Not to mention it is the classiest looking deck on the market. My go-to daily driver for sure. I weigh 160-165lbs, size 11 boots, 6'7" tall and I ride the 154. I could probably ride the '51 at my weight but I have no regrets with the 54. My normal board size is around the 159 range. This board is just too much fun, I should probably sell one of my other decks because I'm happy on this one in any and all conditions for all-mountain riding!

Party Wave +

This board is unreal. The combo of 3BT & camber is perfect. Catch-free carving and floats like a dream! Best board I've ever ridden.

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