3D snowboarding
for the people

As we approach our 20year anniversary, we wanted to get out there and ask people at the heart of the company what Bataleon means to them.  Whether it’s a valued employee, team rider, old head or young grom, we wanted to know what they initially liked about Bataleon, what 3BT means to them, and what keeps them excited for the future.

Family is the unbreakable bond. Whether it’s by blood or by board it’s the family that rides together that stays together. We asked some of our favorite families about the boards they ride.

The Kiebert

Danny and Rubby are brothers that ride and work together. Danny designs and Rubby sells and every holiday the kids get to come along for the ride.

1. Hektor

135 35kg 36 Minishred 120

I like my Minishred 120, but sometimes I ride my brother's Stuntwood 135, but that one is a bit too big. Next season I will get 130 Stuntwood! Park and Powder are my favorite kinds of snowboarding. The feeling you get from going really fast on a slope and then shooting into powder snow is the best. That feeling when you float on top of the snow is what I like best. I always snowboard with my brother and I like it best when my uncle Rubby joins. He is crazy!

2. Danny

168 65kg 7.5 / 40,5 Disaster 148

I like the Disaster 148 when I am doing laps in the park with my kids. It's nice and soft, perfect for slow speed jibbing, small to medium kicker lines and it still holds a good edge when we do some speedruns at the start and end of the day. Riding with the kids is the best. They are always stoked and want to milk it to the last lift.

3. Desa

160 55kg 37 Distortia 143 I like park.

The best feeling is hitting the sweet spot of a landing and riding away. But linking turns on a perfect slope where you can go as fast as possible without having to break is also nice. I ride Disaster and Distortia, both are great in the park but they also turn really well. Its super nice that the whole family snowboards, it’s like having a bunch of coaches that don’t suck. Everyone teaches each other.

4. Balder

1.45 35kg 37 Stuntwood 135

I think I like powder best, or maybe park, or maybe powder, I can’t choose. I like the StuntWood because it rides switch really good and it’s  good for jumping. Shredding with the family is the best! You get a lot of new ideas from each other.

5. Rubby

169 70kg 8 / 41 Surfer 154 Surfs up bro!

The Surfer is my favorite board because if I ride that it means it's a deep powder day and that’s the best part about snowboarding. Riding the Surfer in powder almost feels like

cheating since the nose is unsinkable and blasting through deep snow is effortless. When the nephews learn stuff I can't do, I get extra motivated to also give it a go.

Debbie, Marcia and the kids

Debbie and Marcia are sisters and they raised their 5 kids on snowboards. Their husbands ride as well. It's always a good time when this family hits the mountains

2. Iben:

Being creative while you are on the mountain with your friends and family is the best thing about snowboarding. The Wallie is my favorite, it feels super secure. I feel that 3BT helped me improve my snowboarding really fast.

3. Marcia:

After riding for 10 years I stopped snowboarding for a while and I was convinced I would never do it again. But when I got on the Feelbetter, the 3BT shape gave me the feeling I wasn’t falling that easily. If it wasn't for this board I might have never snowboarded again.

Although I love riding with family & friends, the moments that I am on my own are also very special to me. Trying to find a nice rhythm and listen to the sound of the snow & board is something I find magical.

4. Bert:

The thing I felt immediately when I stepped on my first Bataleon board was the smoothness of the 3D and how it actually went faster than my old board. The butters were so much more fun and forgiving. The board felt way more like an extension that worked with me instead of something that you need to work against.

I can never choose between the Fun.Kink and Wallie, but I need to be honest that they are both quite similar. Whereas the Fun.Kink is just a bit more all-round, it's so much fun to hunt for those side hits and still be able to hold up in the powder. Probably my favorite all-round board. The Wallie has more softness which is so much fun for a nice day of park riding, jibbing and buttering.

5. Debbie:

The Storm is the best board for me. It suits me for any condition. Not too flexible, not too stiff, you can use it with powder or without, it will always adapt to my riding.

I love how forgiving bataleon snowboards are. They allow me to enjoy myself to the fullest because I don’t slam anymore.

When me and my sister are watching our kids racing down in front of us. Seeing them going down and having the best time of their lives is such a magical feeling.

6. Otto:

I like 3BT, it helps me stay on my board when I land wrong after doing a trick, for example when I don’t fully rotate off a rail or a jump. My go to board is the Beyond Medals because that is the sickest but there was a day when it was snowing really hard and I had the chance to ride the Bataleon Surfer which felt like I was floating.

7. Mimi:

In general my favorite board is the Distortia but I also like Wallie. These boards are very easy to ride and great for the park because of its flexibility. But for fresh powder I really like the Party Wave, because you ride very easily through the fresh snow and gives almost a surf feeling. I don’t know how to describe it, but when I'm snowboarding I always feel happy.

Team Bataleon (and Lima)

Our team is family. We all look forward to team week which is the highlight of the season and we all get together. This photo was taken at team week and that’s Lima in front. She is the daughter of Dennis, one of the owners.

2. Emil

What always attracted me to Bataleon was the look of the boards, I have always liked the design and shapes of the boards!

My favorite board is the Wallie! It’s a board that gives me so much creativity in both park and in the streets. There is no limit, ollies and nollies, butters and presses, pole jams, and of course wallies.

3BT has really helped me find my style in park and street riding, but going out in the powder the 3BT has really shown me what the word floating means. It is an experience I wish for all snowboarders!  I love the Bataleon family and the inclusion.

6. Alex Klerud:

I think my favorite board this year is the Evil Twin +. It’s a bit more aggressive than the Evil Twin, has some really good pop, super quick edge to edge and it’s very stable, which is great for carving, going fast and hitting jumps. It's a really fun board in the park.

I think 3BT has had a big impact on my board control and how I ride. It's like riding a spaceship. You will see everything in a different way and explore new possibilities.

I like to see all people share the same love for snowboarding together and I feel that is what Bataleon pushes for.

7. Ron Forth:

I initially liked the people behind the brand. It’s run by snowboarders for snowboarders and everyone there lives and breathes snowboarding. That was a very big attraction for me … Then I started riding the boards and quickly realized that the product is amongst the best in the world!

My favorite all-round go to board is the Fun Kink. I think it's the perfect ride for everyday shredding around the mountain. Some days I go up with the intention to ride some pow or something backcountry in the morning and then hit the park in the afternoon.. this board does it all!

3BT helps me plow through deep snow and is a huge assistant in landing jumps and cliff drops. It adds the perfect amount of float to the board.

I feel very fortunate and blessed to be part of the Bataleon team and each year we gather together for the "Bataleon Team Week" . It's basically a week in the season when we all get together, catch up, talk shit, test the new seasons boards, party and shred! It's always easily one of the biggest highlights of the season for me and it definitely wouldn't be possible if I wasn't riding a Bataleon board.

More Team

Our team family is so big it wouldn’t fit in one photo so here is another

1. Fabi:

The shape and feeling of the disaster, it just felt right from the start. The soft flex makes presses and butters so fun and easy to do. I also like to gap into stuff and feel like the flex takes away the impact onto rail-features.

Bataleon boards can do it all. With 3BT I don’t have to worry about getting stuck on a boardslide or catching an edge on jumps. 3BT takes away the fear of rail hangups. I never ever got stuck on a Bataleon board - that’s quite a statement.

2. Tyler Chorlton:

What I loved initially about Bataleon boards 20 years ago, was that extra bit of freedom and precision they offer compared to traditional boards.

Right now I’m having a lot of fun on the Partywave Twin, it’s perfect for riding every condition and great for my elbow carving.

3BT has literally impacted every area of my riding as I’ve been on it for the better part of two decades. It truly has shaped me into the rider I am today. I usually tell people it’s like riding the very slight shape of a canoe compared to the flat plank of wood they’re probably used to.

3. Timon:

My favorite board is the Surfer Mini. It’s a fast board and it is very well shaped which makes it a super unique board for youths. I am not aware of any other fish shaped board for youths.

3BT makes everything better Powder riding, sketchy landings and jibbing - yes, it's even perfectly possible to enjoy jibbing on a swallowtail!

4. Oscar

My first board was a Minishred that my father gave me, and I immediately loved that because the shape reminded me of a skateboard shape.

3BT feels like skateboarding to me, which I love. 3BT gives me an original shred, not like other brands. For jibbing, it’s just incredible and also for the kickers.

My week with the Bataleon team at Absolut was the best. I had the chance to ride with my heroes. The mood of the team gave me so much energy to learn new tricks.