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Goliath +
Super Nice board !!!

The board us super Nice and very powerfull !!! Fun fun fun ….nothing more

Graydon Smith
Whatever 156W

Beautifully built and a joy to ride

Goliath +

bataleon goliath +
I have no words!!!!

Push Up
Cece Vann
Shreds on everything

Smooth and flowy in powder, crazy maneuverable in trees, and so much fun on groomers and in the park. My favorite board I've ever owned!!

Snowproof Hoodie
Daniel Rosenzweig
Well worth the coin!

Not your typical hoodie! Quality, construction, & style will make this your go-to on those warmer days. They run large in my opinion, so you may want to size down if you like a more athletic fit. I’m 6’ - 185 and normally wear a large, I think I would’ve been fine with a medium. As usual, Bataleon for the W!!!

Bad customer service

Had my board for a month and it cracked. Did not honor their warranty. Do not spend $600 on a board that is gonna break! Really disappointed in Bataleon

Brendan Busdeker
Warranty is basically pointless

After 1 month of riding my board it cracked from basic park riding. Definitely feel like my board should have been replaced but of course wasn’t. Very disappointed with Bataleon as I loved the board itself, just really poor customer service in my opinion.

Joseph Rau
No board? No refund?

Bataleon sucks! 7 weeks still haven’t gotten my board. No explanation as to where it is! Asked for a refund and I get no response! Terrible management! Where is my $600? Bataleon stole $600 from me! No snowboard? No refund?!

Hus Razvan
Bit heavy for my raste

+The TBT is awessomme, the speed is above average, the edge hold is above average,the pow float is verry good,extreemley catch free for that kind of above average edge hold.

- the flex feels more like an 8 (nowhere near a 6) due to the fact that the board is quite heavy. I find it quite a drag after riding it half day. On paper the board is awessome but after a day s ride it just does not click. It needs to be lighter tbh

It’s a blast!

Great gear for boarding, soft, warm and heavenly fit. It’s a wanna wear this every day piece. Love it!

Sweet Binders

Everything about these bindings speaks a job well done. Straps are possibly the best in the business and comfort is on an another level. I have only two complaints that don’t take away from being perfect. I wear a size 11 boot and there is know way anything over a 11.5 could fit into these bindings. Also, the high back needs more grip for the boot to stay more locked it.

Amazing board

Well, quite simply, this board is amazing! I was afraid it would be too stiff, but it has just the perfect balance. It really is a board made for speed while still being playful for side tricks. The stability at speed is incredible! 100% recommended.

Evil Twin +
Evan Rose
Sooo fun

After reading some reviews, I was worried that this board might be a bit too stiff for what I was looking for -- an easy-flexing park board that I'd mostly ride on smaller features when working on learning new tricks. But for me, this is perfect. It's stiff enough to lay down trenches outside the park (the wide waist but tight-ish sidecut is great for carving without drag from my size 11 boots) but soft enough that it's easy to press and butter, and the TBT makes it super forgiving on rails. I haven't been riding it on larger jumps, but it's been poppy, stable, and smooth on everything up to mid-size (~30' table) jumps.

Fun and surfy

Really fun board to ride. Been riding 3BT for a handful of years so really easy getting used to this new shape.
The Party Wave is super floaty and surfs through pow, it is soo much fun. It even holds its edge quite well on groomers, but pow is definitely where it excels.

Wellington Cordeiro
Noodley noodle of fun

This board is a noodle and super fun to ride. Been hitting all mountain and park with it, I'd clasify myself as expert on mountain riding and like intermediate-ish in park and have been having a great time leveling up my skills with this board. Definitely worth it and the graphics are killer and look awesome in person.

Evil Twin +
belascu dorin
Definitely worth buying, I discovered a new snowboarding experience

This was my first "high-end" snowboard. I previously had a more flexible, beginners friendly board.

Even at first I felt like I could really try anything, that's how forgiving the board is.
It stays really good and high speed, I think I nearly doubled my maximum speed just by buying this board.

3D technology is incredible as I didn't manage to catch any edge days on the row.

As for the park, I'm just getting started, so I would not say I could pronounce myself. Anyhow for my initial introduction to park it felt awesome

In conclusion I really think it makes sense for every penny. It got my snowboarding experience and skill to a whole new level.

Disaster +
Nate Corey
Amazing board

I haven’t had any problems with this board. Amazing in the park. I use it for pretty much everything and it seems to do just fine.

Dakota Williams

Absolutely love this board. Progression has increased tenfold with this thing! But…. There are 4 places where there’s a gap in the metal edge and the base… so I’m a little worried about the longevity of this board/water getting inside

Josh Sutherland
Game changer!

Rode my 164W goliath + at northstar yesterday, everyone said "it takes a few days to get used to it", that's garbage talk, it took 100 yards down the 1st run and I was mind blown. its smooth, fast, predictable, doesn't catch an edge, carves amazingly well, super stable etc etc.
I'll never ride another regular board, its bataleon for life for me!

I like’m

I decided to follow Bataleon’s recommendation and pair them with a party wave. They have plenty flex with the low high backs. I gotta admit, the ratcheting system works great. They are definitely easier to get into and out of than my Union’s. I honestly thought I would hate them. I was wrong, I love them and will be keeping them .

Just what I needed

Great hoodie. Has a liner that keeps it waterproof. Soft material compared to other companies waterproof rideable hoodies.

This is the one..

I was looking for a resort all mountain board that could handle cruising groomers most days and then excel in the powder if/when the gods deemed us worthy. After demoing the Burton Home town Hero, Bataleon Goliath, and Salomon Dancehaul, I went off script and bought the Camel 2. Today was day one- blue skies, fairly hard packed and occasional corduroy at Whistler Blackcomb. The C2 handled like a champ, surfy on the snowy trail edges and stable through the patchy middle sections. Loved the feel, confidence inspiring "correctability" whenever things got sketchy. I can't wait to ride it in some pow since it gets great reviews in that area too. A definite contender if you are looking for an all mountain ride for variable conditions...

I love it

Great board i was fearing it wont be good for jibs but for my skill levels on jibs it do all right. I love the pop off it. I cannot get it to pop on eqch jump but simetimes i am wow i got a lot off pop to get that height.

Old Dog New Tricks

I have ridden boards without metal edges, I have ridden boards without highbacks, I stepped into bindings before most of you could take a step, I have ridden fat boards, skinny boards I have even ridden your moms board. My point is I am OLD and I have ridden lots of boards. This board takes the best of every board I have ridden even your mom and puts it all into one amazing ride. Even though I am fatter, stiffer and older this board doesn't care, it encourages me to take chances. Go ahead send that 360, lay out that carve I got you it whispers.
If you see a guy with an orange jacket and old school skate helmet yelling don't be scared. It's just me having the time of my life shredding.

the perfect do it all board

Takes a run or two in order to feel out the 3d and sidekick edges, but this board is fun anywhere you take it.

I use it for park, light powder days, and corduroy. It’s my everyday board- can’t go wrong