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Bataleon NA
Michael Eaton
Just got back into. Snowboarding

Just got back into snowboarding after 10 years and got one of the 2023 line up combos and wow was I amazed how far snowboards and bindings have come super great gear and amazing customer service

Awesome board!

Buying a board without trying it is always a crap shoot. You have to rely on reviews. I gotta tell you the hype on this board is on the money. The disassster is awesome… 3bt buttering all day.. got some pop too. Soft flex is forgiven. I am in PA and delivery was super fast. I got it literally in 1 day.

Do-it-all in style

That's it. The board does everything you throw at it. Powder, park and the rest of the mountain!


This is the best board I've ever purchased

Bataleon EU

Best snowboard for me

Love my Distortia board

The board is great for beginners-intermediate snowboarders, has great balance, and allows you to attempt some tricks while still giving you loads of flexibility for mistakes. 100% in love with the 3D spoon shape as it saves you from catching your edge.

Bataleon NA
the WHATEVER is LEGIT AF!!!!!!!

This season I purchased my first ever Bataleon. I had been riding a 20/21 Lobster Halldor Pro that I LOVED but wanted something similar that would be slightly better in the pow (the Halldor Pro did surprisingly well in the pow itself). Lobster didn't have a board that fit my criteria and I had been super pumped on their tech so of course, I looked at Bataleon. I came across the 22/23 Whatever and it seemed to check all the boxes and looked SICK!!! I got the 154 with the teal/mint. I also picked up a 22/23 Lobster Halldor Pro. I anticipated primarily riding the Halldor, but loved the Whatever so much that I found it was my primary for the season. The board really does do whatever, it excels all over the damn mountain in every damn condition!!!! I had tons of people asking me about the board, maybe it was because I always had a massive smile on my face. If you want a board that can do it all and is one helluva ride, look no further than the Bataleon Whatever, you won't be disappointed!!!!! Bataleon Whatever, F*ck YEAH!!!!!

Great boards and clothing

My sweatshirt is amazing and I love my Fun.Kink board

Bataleon EU
Top !

Très bonne board, polyvalente

Bataleon NA
Koby Leeman
Bataleon Wallie Artists Edition

Amazing board! Has leveled up my park abilities rapidly while also having a sexy design !

Bataleon NA
David Castellanos
Bataleon Disaster 153W

This board rocks! I'm about 185lbs and the 153w is perfect, alot more stable than I thought it would be. Very pressable and holds an edge well. Thought 3bt would take time to get used to but not at all! Perfect for when you throw an incomplete 360 or just have a sketch landing. This things solid can't wait to try the wallie

Best boards in the game

I bought a C2xGG this year and it has quickly become my favorite board in my quiver. The quality, durability, and design are all top tier and I can't wait to see what they have in store for 2024.

Bataleon NA
Alex Danford
Awesome fun

I bought the disaster+ and it's one of the best boards I've ever owned. It's durable and playful. Supossed to be a park board but I don't ride much park and really enjoyed riding all mountain and trees. Will definitely be buying another betallion next season!


I was originally a little sceptical of the 3BT technology, but after purchasing and riding in varied conditions, this board is amazing. It really can do it all. great all mountain board and also good for jibbing. I will say it stuggled slightly in the deep powder we got this year out west, but you need a really big board to work that stuff, so all in all I'd give it a 9/10. Thanks so much!

Bataleon NA
Gino D.
First time buyer review

To be completely honest, I was stoked to buy a bataleon board. I had been wanting one since the brand came out. I finally needed a board and got one this year. The board itself was dope but the durability shocked me in a bad way. The nose of the board looked like it was cracking from within on the nose after just the first ride, and I only rode it 3 times and the edges are already showing wear and tear that I’ve seen after a year or two with previous brands. The board rides nice and I’m hoping I just got a defective board. Still much love for the brand

Fan of Bateleon. Everything is perfect

Fan of Bateleon. Everything is perfect

Bataleon EU
Daniel Del Carmen
Amazing brand & board!

Discovered the brand thanks to a friend of mine, and I couldn't be happier!. Very interesting boards, accesories and clothes are sweet, so I can only recommend Bataleon!. Keep it up!

Patina, que no contamina!

Height: 1,78m
Weight:65 kg
Years riding: +30
Board size:151

This is my second Bataleon and can not be happier. The feeling is like riding an old school skateboard. Although It is really wide, It carves deep on groomers, and floats great in pow. I had the 151 because I didnt dare to ride the 148, but now Im sure that It would work too. Yes, its a directional freeride board, but can be freestyled and there is no problem riding switch the swallow tail. The long spoon shaped nose with sidekick smashes spring snow. Very relaxed feeling, no edge hanging. Fully recommended for freeriding, resort and even some freestyle.

Bataleon NA
Coby Bowman

I love my party wave +!!! this is such a fun and playful board that is still damp and can handle most terrain on the mountain. It plows through chunder, holds a carve, and doesn't catch. Taking this into steep, firm technical terrain may not be where it shines, but it will survive. My only gripe is that the topsheet seems to chip easier than my other boards. With that said, it sees the most time on the mountain out of my other boards (Capita Mercury, K2 special effects, Telos DST).

Bataleon NA
Blyke Fritch
Bataleon FunkFlex and Chaos Bindings

I purchased the Bataleon FunkFlex and Chaos Bindings combo. It was my first snowboard I’ve purchased for myself and the difference between rentals/other friends boards has been night and day. The flex on the board allows for total control and the shape minimizes any edges catching making riding comfortably and confidently much easier. The bindings are also super flexible while still being durable. (I can’t tell you how many friends have broken bindings this year) Overall I believe this board/binding combo is perfect for all riders and I highly recommend for all skill levels.

Bataleon NA
Anthony james
Get yourself a Bataleon

Got the whatever board this season and brought it out west. So playful in the pow and also a lot of fun the the park. I now have 2 Bataleon boards and absolutely love them the 3D tech gives a surfy feel no matter the conditions.

Bataleon NA
Jeremy Zee

I don’t really have a dedicated powder board and didn’t want to do full fish tail for my first one. Saw the camel two and knew it’s a shape I wanted to try. And buy it floats so well. Brought it to Utah, pnw, whistler pow and float for days. The huge 3d nose, taper definitely helps. It’s wider than my usually board but with the softer flex and 3d still makes it really easy to turn.

Bataleon NA
A fresh new ride

A volume shifted board jerks the speed , gives great maneuvering and amazing float in powder. The Party Wave plus makes me want to share the wave with everyone!

Amazing board!

Rides like a Cadillac, plows through anything you throw at it! Takes some work to get it to snap into a turn…If you’re looking for the ultra responsive carver, this isn’t for you. Perfect for the euro carver, or anyone who enjoys plowing through fresh pow and great all-mountain type riding !

Bataleon NA
Brent Blunden
Party Wave + an awesome wide surfy board

I bought the Party Wave + because I have size 14US boots and had been riding an old burton canyon which is essentially a burton custom wide and I needed a wide board update. Wow! What a difference in ride the 3D tech in the nose and tail make. It's practically impossible to catch an edge and lets you charge groomers with confidence. Its also a super sweet ride in fresh snow. I live close enough to Aspen to be able to get fresh snow on all the pow days and loved riding this board the most in deep snow. Its a great, great board - I'm so glad I upgraded.