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The Idea

Whether man-made or natural, the most successful designs work in harmony with the forces they are subjected to. What happens when a snowboard is put under pressure ? When you jam it into a powder bank or drive it through a transition?

The answer is that it adapts its shape to the terrain. Triple Base Technology™ embraces this reality, creating a more efficient shape from the get-go. Just as the curved hull of a boat ploughs through the waves, or the wings of a plane are designed to slice through the air,

3BT™, a perfect design for the mountain environment.

The Shape

We divide the nose and tail area of the board in 3 sections, creating a 3D shape. All our boards feature positive camber from tip to tail, combined with lifted contact points at the widest areas. This reduces the chance of edge catches while keeping the board feeling super lively.


A board shape with Triple Base Technology is more versatile. It will float better, go faster from edge to edge, feel narrower and rides more forgiving than traditionally shaped boards. Because we keep full tip to tail positive camber there are no downsides to this 3D shaping method.


On our more freeride orientated boards the center base is at its most narrow and the uplift is at its highest this creates unparalleled float in pow super fast edge-to-edge transitioning.

Directional Twin

Boards that need to excel both on the slopes and out of bounds are shaped with evenly proportioned center and side bases and a medium uplift striking the optimal balance for freestyle and freeriding.


Boards that are shaped for the park are designed with maximum center base width and minimal side base uplift. Creating a stable landing platform with confidence boosting forgiveness and next level agility. Think about your tricks not about your edges.

How it works

Triple Base Technology™ is not one shape but a design philosophy. The precise areas in which we apply a three-dimensional profile, the amount of uplift and the width of the centerbase varies on each model depending on the kind of terrain it needs to excel in.

Flat Base Riding

The widest section of the board is lifted off the snow while riding flat based. This allows you to ride straight without hooking up or needing to keep your edges engaged.

Turn Initiation

When set on a slight angle, the sidebase starts to engage near the bindings. Unlike traditional flat boards, pressure remains constant along the contact edge.

On Edge

While on edge, the 3D shaped side-cut forms a complete arc with the snow, offering unparalleled grip and turning power.


When you think about it, 3D shaping makes perfect sense. Surfer shapers have been doing it for ever, right? The truth is, Triple Base Technology™ makes every kind of snowboarding more fun.

Bomb Hills

Edges create friction, retain heat and don’t hold wax – all of which slow you down. 3BT™ boards accelerate faster and maintain speed when pointed straight because less of the edges are in contact with the snow, reducing drag. This helps you coast along cat tracks faster, clear jumps and pass skiers on powder days.

Catch Less

The raised edges at the contact points mean there’s less chance of hooking up. Pressure is also dispersed more evenly along the edge, allowing for smoother, more controlled turns. When it comes to freestyle, 3BT™ is more forgiving for butters and more lenient on less-than-perfect landings.


The hull-like shape of our nose and tail offers natural float – just like a boat or a progressive surfboard. In deep snow, the front of the board rises to the surface and plows through everything in its path, enabling epic powder days without the back leg burn. Works great in slush, too.


When the board is placed on its edge, the uplifted sections help it form a more cohesive arc against the snow. This creates a platform for smooth, powerful turns. As you switch edges, the same uplift lets you roll fluidly across the base and makes wider boards feel as agile as regular widths.

One Board

Triple Base Technology™ gives every board in the range all-mountain credentials. For instance, our jib boards still float well in pow thanks to the 3D nose and tail. Likewise, uplifted edges mean even freeride-focused models are easy to butter.


Our 3D tips boost the ollie power of positive camber. When the tail (or nose) is flexed, more of the energy is directed through the center of the base, amplifying pop.

3D Shaping

At the heart of every Bataleon is a combination of 3BT™ and positive camber. It’s an innovative solution to the profile puzzle that minimizes the potential for edge-catch without sacrificing ollie power or carving performance. From this starting point, we fine-tune each element according to the board’s desired riding style.



Tip to Tail Camber