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2122 Kids snowboards

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Kids snowboards

Don’t let the kids ride flat! The kids are the future of snowboarding, so we figure we should give them the latest technology and grab some popcorn. Bataleon youth snowboards feature the same premium materials and 3D shaping materials, which you’ll find in the rest of the bataleon snowboard line, but in a smaller package.


Bataleon kids snowboards line

The Bataleon kids line consists of 3 youth snowboards which are the Minishred, The Stuntwood & the Surfer mini.

Bataleon Minishred

Don’t let your kids ride flat! The minishred is the perfect kids snowboard to get started. Some people say your kids should stick to skis for the first few years; those people haven’t tried Triple Base.

Bataleon Stuntwood

We took the legendary Evil Twin and shrunk it for the next generation of park rats. The stuntwood is the perfect setup for the youth snowboarders who aren’t ready for an adult snowboard but too big for your average kids snowboard.

Bataleon Surfer Mini

New for this year, a pint-sized Surfer for the powder grommets. The Surfer mini is the perfect youth snowboard to get the kids introduced to riding powder.

Kids snowboards with bindings

Both the minishred & the Stuntwood are available as a set. Grab a sweet deal by buying your kids snowboards with bindings as a set.

Kids snowboard size

Choosing the right size for your kids can be difficult. But no worries, we’re here to help! Use the find my size to get an indication on how to choose the right size for your children’s snowboard. Still need assistance? Reach out to our rider support who are ready to help you! Start a live chat or send us an email.