Donna Purple

Donna Purple

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Our women’s allround binding combines bulletproof construction with a relaxed flex and all-day comfort. The smaller Quarterback highback gives you the freedom to get creative on rails and jumps, and together with the super tweakable WrapStraps you can lean easily into butters while enjoying zero foot pain. It’s a fully customizable design, including a heelcup and FootPad that can be adjusted to fit the sole of your boot. The Donna also features FastEntry™ Ladders that stay out of the way when you’re strapping in for a hassle-free shred, lap after lap.
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What’s this binding’s natural home?
Full send in the park?
Elbows down on the trails?
Or chucking roosters somewhere off grid?





Softer bindings won’t kick your ass if you make a mistake. Stiffer bindings are more stable at speed and super responsive edge-to-edge. Choose your poison.


Binding - Chassis - FullWrap

Designed for riders that are looking for maximum connectivity to their board and the 4 connection points will offer just that; Lightning-fast edge-to-edge response and a locked-in feel.


Binding - Chassis - Adjustable Base Size

The chassis can be adjusted to help you center your boot perfectly in the binding and on your board.


Binding - Chassis - Cushioning Subbase Pad

Description to come...


Binding - Padding - Adjustable

Choose from three different FootPad positions for a perfect fit with the sole of your boot.


Binding - Strap - Ankle Wrap

One-piece construction that’s lightweight and bombproof. The pre-curved, ergonomic design spreads pressure evenly across the foot and offers an ideal level of freestyle flex.


Binding - Ladder - FastEntry Ladders

FastEntry Ladders are designed for easy binding entry and exit. The strap’s concave shape is designed to pop open when released. FastEntry ensures that you won’t be fighting to get in and out of your bindings giving you more time to ride.


Binding - Strap - Bulletproof Buckles

Super solid, die-cast aluminum ratchets that will never let you down. Featuring a triple-tooth action for super fast strap closure.


Binding - Ladder - TwoStep Toe Ladders

Select from two positions on each side of the binding to customize the fit for any boot shape and size.


Binding - Highback - Quarterback

The radically shorter design is super light and gives you more freedom to butter, press, and tweak with just the right amount of heelside support.


Binding - Highback - Highback Rotation

Angle your highback parallel to the heelside edge for the most efficient power transfer.


Binding - Highback - ToadGrip Heelpad

A grippy rubber traction pad protects the back of your boot and keeps it locked in at all times.

FastEntry Ladders are designed for easy binding entry and exit. The strap’s concave shape is designed to pop open when released. FastEntry ensures that you won’t be fighting to get in and out of your bindings giving you more time to ride.

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Donna Purple


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Liz Swan
Great Bindings for the female shredder

Initially I was only going to purchase a board from Bataleon (the Storm), but then when I saw they still had a few pair of these in stock, I took a chance and bought them. Boy, am I glad I did!

These are high quality, mid flexing bindings. Bataleon’s bullet proof straps are so soft, grippy and secure while the ratchets create an easy on and off experience without compromising foot hold. I especially like the toe straps because they are wide and spread out the tension over a greater space over the toe and boot. This helps with circulation when I ride- my toes do not go numb and a don’t need to over-tighten in order to have a secure fit. The materials are very strong, yet are designed with a sleek low profile and women’s fit in mind- from the quarterback high back and heel cup to the padding there is a ton of attention to detail. Even on the foam of the footbed’s- the foam is actually hinged- reducing the wear and tear on the materials when changing out hardware.

My riding style is hard charging freeriding- I like steep and technical runs. I look for response, stability and durability in a binding. These also hold up really well in cruddy conditions! I bought the Donna’s on a whim, but they are now my daily drivers! Highly recommend!

luzia bertschinger
great material

very smooth binding, easy to close and is light on the board…


Love at first sight

WTF!? Bataleon lover, but hard NO to these bindings.

Let me start by saying, I am OBSESSED with my Distortia. Before that board I rode probably 20 days a year. Now I need to move to a mountain town and ride every day. I am beyond inlove, can not recommend enough. I mean I seriously demoed every women's board. Everyone tried to push Gnu, and libtech on me and every time I tried them I hated them. My Distortia is truly my best friend (sorry to my dog, just kidding).

These bindings are the worst. They literally do not unstrap at the end of a run, I have to fight with them every time and I look like such a fool. Sometimes I even have to sit down because I can't get it to unlatch. At first I thought maybe they were just sticky cause they were new. Now I'm wondering if they are literally defected, because there is no way they could function like this for everyone and still be making these bindings. Not sure what i'm going to try next, but this is not it for me. Very frustrating.

Oh yeah...!

I was amazed by those bindings when I received package! They look stunning and work perfectly, I am happy with that decision! Can't wait for the next snow season :D