Camel Two Gimbal God

Camel Two Gimbal God

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You’ve seen his shots, now you can ride his board. Spencer Whiting AKA Gimbal God is known for riding and filming with the best snowboarders in the world and he does it all on Bataleon boards and bindings. This limited edition Camel Two designed by Gimbal God is the perfect weapon to carve up the mountain.
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What’s this board’s natural home? Full send in the park? Elbows down on the trails? Or chucking roosters somewhere off grid?





Softer snowboards are easier to press and won’t kick your ass if you make a mistake. Stiffer decks are more stable at speed and super responsive edge-to-edge. Choose your poison.


Tri-Ax Lamination

Our three-way fiberglass weave is light, strong and crazy responsive. We use this to beef up the flex pattern on our more aggressive boards.


Light Core

50/50 Paulownia and poplar creates a balanced core that’s lively yet strong.


D.S.T. SuperTubes

Dual Super Tubes, a Super Tube on either side of the board enhances pop and gives the camber more snap.


Ultra Glide S

A premium, 7000-grade sintered base reserved for our high-end models. Packing more molecules into the P-tex means it’s super tough and hauls ass.


Solid Walls

We use tried and trusted ABS sidewalls for most of the collection. For the best flex to strength ratio.

Layup & Laminate

Carbon Stringers

Our tried and tested carbon layups. We deploy them in different areas to fine-tune the feel of each model.

Supertubes™ are hollow carbon cylinders that are inserted directly into the core. They reinforce the camber, reduce weight and greatly increase pop. By varying their location we can fine-tune the board’s performance further.

At the heart of every Bataleon is a combination of 3BT™ and positive camber. It’s an innovative solution to the profile puzzle that minimizes the potential for edge-catch without sacrificing ollie power or carving performance. From this starting point, we fine-tune each element according to the boards desired riding style.

SideKick™ builds on the concept of Triple Base by increasing the sidebase uplift just outside the widest points of the nose and tail. The tips become more like a hull, boosting float in deep snow and slicing through crud. It also helps the board to roll quickly and evenly from edge to edge.

Length (cm)




Effective Edge (cm)




Waist Width (cm)




Tip/Tail Width (cm)

30.6 / 28.6

31.1 / 29.1

31.6 / 29.6

Sidecut Radius (m)




Setback (cm)








Min/Max Stance (cm)




Min/Max Stance (in)




Length (cm)




Weight Recommendation (Kg)




Weight Recommendation (Lbs)




Boot Size (EU)




Boot Size (cm/mondo)




Boot Size (US)




Boot Size (UK)




Camel Two Gimbal God


Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Dylan Weiss
super fantastic 👌

I purchase this board for a better powder experience than my "all mountain" board could deliver. Not only did it give me everything I expected from a powder board, it also handles extremely well on hard groomers (at high speeds).
Overall, I'd rate this board 10 out of 10. It does exactly what the manufacturer says it will do.

Jay B
Unexpectedly good

This is my first Bataleon and so my first exposure to the 3BT technology (have an older Jones Hovercraft for comparison). I'm a fan of traditional stiff camber boards or those with modest nose rise (I mainly ride Kesslers and Doneks).
I was looking for a more playful powder board that would not be a horror show to ride on groomers. I was hoping that the Camel 2 would be better than the Hovercraft (which I find very ungainly to ride on groomers, let alone carve on).

The Camel 2 has been a revelation. It is lively, playful, and carves surprisingly well. I had read mixed reviews on 3BT tech being awful on groomers, but my experience has been the opposite. It's not especially noticeable in initiating turns - the board engages from the downhill nose edge like any good carving board. I think people having problems aren't initiating turns properly, and perhaps just sliding the board. I started with a neutral stance at +24, +6 and after a few days of tweaking, I'm at 1.5 inches rear offset front and 1-inch rear offsset for the back. I tend to ride fairly aggressively and weight shift forward to initiate turns; the Camel 2 has a surprisingly stiff nose which encourages that without folding, allowing you to let the board accelerate under you as the turn progresses. I found that with neutral offset and that style of riding the tail would be a bit "light" and want to slide out occasionally. Shifting bindings back allows for solid pressure on the nose without losing the tail. In powder, I just ride a neutral body position with that stance and I didn't need to back leg shift at all to float. Both legs get tired equally.

The 3BT tech for me comes with a host of advantages, and only 3 noticeable disadvantages.

Advantages -
- incredibly easy to pivot and maneuver at low speeds, not normally something full camber is known for.
- very easy to adjust the turn in softer conditions, especially in tighter spaces like chutes and trees. This is a very important point for me. You can easily adjust a turn radius at any point.
- very fun and playful on moguls. You won't find yourself catching an edge and you can just let the board squirm around without worry. It's much less tiring to ride in bumps than a traditional camber board.
- You can "release" a carve or edge more easily if needed (e.g./ dodging a Jerry that cuts in front of you), very helpful in crowded areas.
- sheer giggles in powder - it feels much more surfy than I expected and is incredibly easy to adjust on all three axes (roll, yaw, pitch) compared to a regular full camber board. This board just wants to float and won't nose dive if your weight suddenly shifts forward. You can easily regulate speed just by using pitch (weight shift) in deeper stuff.

- on icier stuff, the 3BT works against you, since tip and tail edge angle are by definition less acute where you need them. (e.g. if you sharpen to 88 degrees, the 3BT means your tips will still be above 90 degrees). This point, combined with the shorter length and base shape, make it a poor choice for icy days. You basically aim for any stray loose snow patches you can see, and only turn there. Not a surprise, just something to be aware of.
- 3BT (and the very slick deck) make it squirrely coming on and off lifts; this is the first board in years where I actually put in stomp buttons. It's also harder to strap in if you're used to not stopping and staying standing to get your rear binding it. The nose on the board will immediately wander and point downslope. Again, just something to pay attention to if that's your strap in style.
- This is a fairly slow board compared to what I am used to (much longer boards with faster bases). I find I have to work fairly hard to keep up with my fast skier friends rather than being able to leave them in the dust while also admiring the scenery. At max speeds on steep groomers, this is a board that requires a lot of concentration and oversight, and it will not be either particularly fast or happy. This point was also expected, but I can confirm.


This board performs really well exactly where and how you'd expect it to: powder, trees, and (not icy) moguls. The real surprise for me was how fun and engaging this board is on groomers and chunky stuff. As expected, it's best to avoid icy conditions on it.

Hardy Giesler
Great board

Used this new board in Three Valleys for a week. Previous board was a very stiff, racy Burton. This board is much more forgiving, fast and great fun in the powder. At first, long flat ‘boulevards’ were a little different (less directional stability, but also no catching of edges) but I soon got used to that. A great board - highly recommended.

Way too stiff.

They have some factory issues…rode this once and the stiffness was 9/10 and rated at 6…this made this board really hard to use except for carving as was way too stiff and unforgiving for navigating trees bumps and freeride terrain…now I’m afraid to buy another board because the flex ratings vs reality is so out of whack…hope they address this production issue…sold this one.

Brandon Noble
Strap in, Buckle up for a crazy ride!

My first Bataleon board and have ridden many other powder from Burton to Spring Breaks and this deck is numero uno! Floats the deeps days here in Utah and rips hard the end of day chunder. I’m hooked! Buy this board. Don’t waste another second. Hit the buy button!!!