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2122 Snowboards

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Bataleon Snowboards 2022

Explore our Bataleon snowboards 21/22 collection. Dive into our men's snowboards, women's snowboards, kid's snowboards & limited edition snowboard collections.

Our boards come in 3 different shapes: directional snowboards, directional twin snowboards & twin snowboards. The best freeride snowboards usually come with a directional shape & the best park snowboards feature a twin shape.


Directional snowboards 2022

For pure turning performance, you can’t beat a directional shape. We engineer maximum 3D uplift in the nose alongside edge-to-edge performance you get from a narrower centerbase. Surf effortlessly through waste-deep pow or get your elbows down on the hardpack and burn some wax. Flow state guaranteed.

Bataleon 2022 directional line

The Bataleon 2021-2022 directional snowboard line includes the Thunder bolt, Thunder, Surfer, Party wave, Party wave+, Camel Two, Camel toe, Storm, Carver & Love powder.

Directional twin snowboards

A twin silhouette with a slightly longer nose makes these the ultimate all-mountain snowboard machines. Advanced 3D shaping at the tip and tail help you dominate the groomers, switch things up in the park or take your freestyle game to the backcountry. The only limit is your imagination.

Directional twin line

The Bataleon 2022 directional twin snowboards line includes the Jam, Stallion, Goliath, Beyond Medals, Push up, Whatever, Feelbetter, Fun Kink, Spirit & Chaser

Twin snowboards 2022

Freestyle progression is funner and faster on a twin shaped snowboard with 3BT. We use our widest centerbases and subtly lifted edges to create a stable, catch-free platform. Butter, bonk, boardslide and spin your way from the mountain to the street. 100% symmetrical, 100% fire.

Bataleon 2022 twin line

The Bataleon 2022 twin snowboards line includes the Boss, Evil Twin, Magic Carpet, Wallie, Distortia, Disaster & Blow.

3D snowboards

Having perfected Triple Base Technology over 18 years, we have more experience in 3D snowboard shaping than anyone else.

Snowboard flex

One of the most important factors when choosing the right snowboard is flexibility. Our snowboards have different flex levels to match different riding styles. We use a scale from 1 to 10. 1 being the softest snowboard & 10 being the stiffest snowboard.



We use 3 different types of terrains to showcase our product design focus. The 3 terrains are: Park Groomers Pow

Park snowboards

Our twin snowboards tend to be more park-focused.


Our directional twin snowboards tend to be more groomer focussed.

Powder snowboards

Our directional snowboards tend to be more powder & freeride focussed.

If you have any questions about our products, please reach out to our rider support